Friday, June 6, 2014

Love's True Second Chance by Jeff Dawson

   Here is a sweet little gem of a book "Love's True Second Chance". by Jeff Dawson. Life gets so complicated sometimes we are amazed at what it brings us. This true life story tells of how Jeff meets up with a former girlfriend after his marriage break up and moving forward into his life how love spands  a lifetime and the joys and trials of being in love. You can pick up a copy for yourself at 

Sunday, May 4, 2014

The Trident Deception By Rick Campbell

     woo hoo! Hold your horses this is a page turner that kept me moving. Here is the jest of it..  On a routine tour the alarm comes in that they are under attack... they being USS Kentucky. The only thing is that ... it was a deception.. from a 3d party making two feel that they were at war... Both the Israeli and the Us armies have been compromised in this work of fiction. Pick up a copy at 

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The Pople in Between by Gregory S Lamb

Check out my video on The People In between by Greogory S Lamb  click here

            If you love armchair traveling you will enjoy this read The people in between by Gregory S Lamb pick up a copy on

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Gold Rush Girl by Suzanne Lilly

     Gold Rush Girl by Suzanne Lilly
is Book One of the California Argonauts series. Lucinda is 16 and both her parents have passed on and even though Lucinda knew some herbal remedies she didn't have the skills to help them so she takes on the passion of becoming a doctor and will do anything to get there which leads her into the California Gold Rush. She hooks up with George and together they face many trials. I felt that the book really brought the "feel" in of the era and really loved the character of Lucinda as a strong young woman who knew what she wanted and wasn't afraid to face all odds to get there. To pick up your copy go to

30 Days of No Gossip by Stephanie Faris


30 Days of No Gossip by Stephanie Faris is a youth book. Emma makes an agreement with her friend Vi not to gossip for 30 days. Those juicy tidbits that make people run and stick around to hear the latest. Emma writes an unofficial gossip newsletter that she hands out in front of the cafeteria to everyone. A great story for all young and old alike! I enjoy reading books for for all ages and I had a great time reading this as I put on a facial peel and relaxed!  You can pick up a copy at

Who Killed Tom Jones by Gale Martin

   Who Killed Tom Jones by Gale Martin 

You are going to love love LOVE this book. I couldn't stop laughing. Especially those of us who can remember songs like "What's New Pussy Cat" and Tom Jones in all his swagger! Emily is born a few years too late and is in hopes of meeting a love like Tom Jones for herself she attends a Tom Jones look a like event and OH NO.. One of them is murdered! The story expands as Senior Citizens get involved and a whole bunch of crazy fun! Pick up a copy for yourself at for some great summer reading. 

Thursday, April 17, 2014

The Adventures of the Lone Jack Kid - NO SPOILERS!!!!

The Adventures of the Lone Jack Kid by Joe Corso
I didn't give ANY SPOILERS here.. as this book is so good you need to pick up a copy!!!! I love books that are family friendly and this book is certainly in that mix! You can pick up a copy on
please, please share this post with all your friends who love to read! okay... for all of you who can't wait and want to hear more.. scoot over to my blog post at and read the review there (will be posted tommorrow!!!)


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